Sunday, February 15, 2009

A New Blog

Of course, I still love my Beetle, but I find that post-baby arrival, my thoughts have turned from my Bug to books. Board books. Lots and lots of board books!

I've always loved picture books. Now I am delighted to see that having a baby gives me a great excuse to look at them again. Some I am more impressed with than I remember. Some just make me go what? And some make me love them so much, I develop a bookish crush on their creator (I'm thinking of you, Pigeon...and Mo Willems).

And speaking of crushes, is there anything better in the world than seeing your husband and your baby curled up together on the couch, reading a book together?

(Maybe only when it's followed by said husband offering to soothe the reluctant baby to sleep, thus enabling me to start a new blog!)

I was so excited to write about board books. Then it occured to me that there were probably other people doing just that, and I've spent the last hour and a half (hmm, I think my husband fell asleep with the baby) enjoying their blogs!

There will be many cross-overs. Originality isn't the point for me. I think this blog is great incentive to look more carefully at Pat the Bunny and Goodnight Moon and so many others the next time (and the next time...and the next time...) that Baby H and I snuggle up to read. I hope you'll follow along, too.


  1. Does this mean that Beetle and a Baby will no longer be getting new updates?

    I like this new blog--I like seeing people addict others, especially the young, to reading. It's a good, healthy addiction.

  2. I'll still update, but I wanted to have another blog to update more frequently than the Beetle's blog. But this reminds me I need to post an update to the Beetle blog, too!

    Agreed about the addiction to books. We already have enough to keep me going for more than half a year, if I do one blog per week! (And in reading other blogs, I found even more I want to get! I mean, more I want to get for Henry, of course.) ;)